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Illustrative Poster to promote a healthy and plant based diet. Inspired by the adverts (and animals) I saw in Australia.

Illustrative Poster to promote dog walkers keeping parks clean! Inspired by my local parks and their dogs.

Bud and Stem Logo.png

A Logo, Animation and Banner I designed for a Mock Florist company.

Larnies Red Label.png
Larnies Red Mockup.png
Larnies Red Poster.png

Wine Branding and Illustrative Poster to promote a mock wine company. Using repeated assets which could be used for social media. 

Untitled_Artwork 21.PNG
Untitled_Artwork 22.png

Poster set inspired by Finsbury Park.

Posters inspired by traditional crafts such as cross stitching and their relationship with society.

Geometric design boarder with bright colours featuring a graphic flower motif in the centre.

Design inspired by vintage greeting cards also shown on a T-shirt mockup.

Birthday cake card design created on procreate to resemble traditional mediums.

A for Apple's poster inspired by Children's storybook design.

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